Cottosenia is an Italian Company specialized in terracotta roof tiles production. The production site is located in Sicily, close to the raw material extraction area.

By the use of this raw material come high performance roof tiles, perfect for any constructive need.

Cottosenia currently offers a wide range of terracotta roof tiles, from Coppi, true element of Sicilian roofing tradition, to Portuguese Tile, at the moment the top selling roof tile in Italy, throught the Marsilles Tile, rich in tradition and charm, and ending with the Coppo Etna Tile, highly bent to create the traditional effect of the Sicilian Coppi Tiles as set down on the roof, but allowing an easy assembly and the typical resistance of a modern printed tile.

The wide range of colors presents contained in the Cottosenia catalog allows you to choose, in addition to the tile type, the aging effect that more fits with your house style, effect due to the colors created by natural ceramic oxides that, differently from the acrylic colors used with the cement tiles, are cooked together with the tile, inextricably binding themselves with it and granting a constancy of color over the time.